Season 25, Matchday 28/27
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Cede ANY ANY 14th Jul 2019
irvi ANY ANY 17th Aug 2019 Merda
SamirNasri ANY ANY 7th May 2019 ;)
Vivirí ANY DM 29th Jul 2019
Yawn ANY ANY 11th Jul 2019
Essien GK GK 26th Jul 2019
Fàbregas GK GK 29th Jul 2019 Play for years in the goalkeeper position. I wante …
Hexucho GK ANY 16th Aug 2019
Per GK GK 16th Aug 2019 Yo
reis GK ST 24th Jul 2019
Soul GK ST 15th Aug 2019 active and good team pls
sproN GK ST 16th Aug 2019
Thoros GK AM 22nd Jul 2019
Yio GK DM 16th Aug 2019 Pro goalkeeper since 5 years, available all time d …
Def2Easy DM ANY 31st Jul 2019 11 hours active everyday skilled dm
Edward DM ST 20th Jun 2019
Ekstör DM GK 16th Aug 2019
Fritz DM DM 16th Aug 2019
Gimenez20 DM ANY 16th Aug 2019
muteme DM DM 1st Jul 2019
ronaldoo DM GK 27th May 2019 I can play ST too.
Uxie DM AM 16th Aug 2019
Kaii AM ST 21st Jul 2019
mango AM ST 16th Jun 2019 NA player
Mod AM ANY 30th Jun 2019
Oez AM ST 20th Jun 2019
Pdn AM ST 22nd Jul 2019
Quaresmaa AM ST 15th May 2019 I can play AM/ 7 years of playtime

Saky AM ST 16th Aug 2019
Schúrz AM ST 29th Jul 2019
VARiNN AM ANY 24th Jul 2019 Also Allrounder :) Pn me you will not regret it
-R7- ST GK 26th Jul 2019 very active
apex1 ST ANY 31st Jul 2019 tan tan tan tan tan
bodily ST AM 21st Jun 2019 Experience around 6ish months. I'm ready to t …
CHAMPION ST ANY 10th Jul 2019 active and cool
Ferg ST ANY 16th Aug 2019
Jacpoz ST GK 20th Jul 2019 take me :)
milik1 ST AM 1st Aug 2019
MOKEBE ST AM 16th Jul 2019 :V
Nicodie ST ST 13th Jul 2019
SalvinHo ST AM 11th Jul 2019
Skinny ST GK 1st Aug 2019
vivre ST ST 4th Jul 2019