Season 27, Matchday 9/13
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Ajelyzcer ANY ANY 3rd Feb 2020 all rounder, experienced and active
desync ANY ANY 15th Feb 2020 allah y rahmo for opponents thats all i can say

irvi ANY ANY 13th Feb 2020 coninhas
JOHN RAMBO ANY ANY 25th Jan 2020
North ANY ANY 10th Feb 2020
Agsnt GK AM 19th Feb 2020 Looking for team, many experience, and have many t …
asmir GK GK 21st Feb 2020
Chespo GK ST 25th Jan 2020
Harman Kardon GK AM 30th Jan 2020 Experienced player. Playing currently on haxlife
Kuroko GK GK 7th Feb 2020 Active
Lindee GK GK 15th Feb 2020
Melooo GK DM 10th Feb 2020
Modric10 GK GK 27th Jan 2020
Pro9 GK DM 14th Feb 2020
sbhtk87 GK AM 22nd Feb 2020 My name is daniel i play baseball for a year and a …
TheDim3r GK DM 23rd Jan 2020 My main position is Gk but i can play defense a bi …
tim GK ST 22nd Feb 2020 hi
dek DM DM 19th Feb 2020
Haku DM ANY 9th Feb 2020
Loverdose DM AM 14th Feb 2020
lsco DM DM 22nd Feb 2020
Tool DM DM 30th Jan 2020 Hello gamers.
Trinità DM AM 14th Feb 2020 no team with virgin father pls
VIOLET7 DM AM 21st Feb 2020
Vivirí DM ANY 22nd Feb 2020 active
7EGACY AM ST 23rd Jan 2020
Eme AM ST 6th Feb 2020 :P
fruttis AM ST 16th Feb 2020
katzelmacher AM ST 11th Feb 2020
Lord9 AM ST 21st Jan 2020
orenball AM DM 21st Feb 2020
Potant AM GK 23rd Jan 2020
SC30 AM GK 26th Jan 2020
Yedlin AM DM 18th Feb 2020 Ready to help any team reach the best results.
aven ST AM 22nd Feb 2020 I'm looking for a good team
Blackc ST AM 31st Jan 2020
Bugra ST ST 24th Jan 2020
Cedrik ST AM 1st Feb 2020
Copan ST AM 20th Feb 2020 Copandante
cothalc11 ST DM 30th Jan 2020 active
Creep ST AM 1st Feb 2020
curiosity ST ANY 21st Feb 2020
El matador ST AM 17th Feb 2020 Futsal league experienced player, i search a team …
Ender ST ST 21st Feb 2020
Eronuovodelposto ST ST 12th Feb 2020
Grose ST AM 28th Jan 2020
jiren ST GK 26th Jan 2020 I'm active
Macc ST AM 24th Jan 2020 Friendly, active and 6 years experience
milik1 ST ST 25th Jan 2020 normal player
Musonda1 ST AM 18th Feb 2020
Nexon ST AM 24th Jan 2020 best
Oriik ST AM 23rd Jan 2020 Lots of IQ with this game - Crucial Player
Panku26 ST ST 30th Jan 2020 w
Phami1 ST ANY 18th Feb 2020
TotalPlayer ST AM 16th Feb 2020 e
VEK1NG ST DM 25th Jan 2020
vivre ST ST 20th Feb 2020
Walt ST AM 24th Jan 2020